Quartz Merchandizing

It’s Your Name, Wear It Out.

At Quartz Merchadizing, our goal is to get your brand name into the public eye on T-shirts, hoodies, banners, flags, signs, and anything else you can think of. Promoting your business is our business, and we go the extra mile to provide creative, eye catching designs that your customers will love to wear around town and out in public. We use only the highest quality materials in our shirts, and other promotional products, so while your customers can wear it, they won’t be able to wear it out.


4 thoughts on “HOME”

    1. Hello! Thank you for stopping in to check out Quartz Merchandizing!
      At the moment, we haven’t actually launched the business, and for the purposes of my Social Media Tools 1 class, this company is considered “fictional”. However, the business is not completely fictional, it is just in the pre-launch phase. We’re currently securing startup capital, business licenses and permits, legal representation and guidance, and we are in the process of incorporating.
      When we do launch, the physical location will be in the Greater Austin, Texas area, we have an eye on promising real estate in Cedar Park area, or South Congress just south of the river.
      Thanks again for your interest, and stay tuned for more informative and helpful design guidance as we ramp up to our official launch!

      As of February 22, 2015, Quartz Merchandizing is up and running and ready to take your order!
      We are currently located in South Austin, working from our home near South 1st and Stassney. We can provide our customers and prospective customers with the address privately, but due to the obvious safety and security reasons, we will not publicly post our exact location until we move into a store-front space.
      Thank you again for your interest in Quartz Merchandizing, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
      Court – Quartz Merchandizing


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